The 2024 RAWMEC Exhibition and Conference will be held in Beirut on 26, 27 and 28 June at Hilton Beirut Metropolitan Palace; once again an exceptional line-up of the industry’s best speakers, with technical experts, international leaders and innovative developers provided an unmissable 3 days of the latest information.

The event will provide a unique meeting place for the waste management industry, the waste-to-energy industry and the emerging waste-to-fuels and SAF industry. It facilitates two days of exceptional knowledge sharing and top-level networking.

RAWMEC is Lebanon’s largest recycling and waste management exhibition and conference.

With participation from various stakeholders including decision-makers, industry experts, innovators, private sector, investors and academia, RAWMEC will provide impetus to sustainability initiatives in Lebanon and other regional countries.

RAWMEC Exhibition and Conference will be a venue for knowledge-sharing, brainstorming, solutions delivery, technology transfer, peer networking and capacity building in the solid waste management, industrial waste management, industrial wastewater treatment and renewable energy sectors.

It will provide a deep understanding of social, economic, environmental and technology trends driving the sustainability sector and will help in implementing technology-driven solutions to key environmental problems in Lebanon.

The three-day conference, happening alongside the exhibition,will center on the roadmap for solid waste management in Lebanon, non-conventional waste treatment technologies, integrated waste management solutions, recycling and waste-to-energy to reduce landfilling, emerging trends in the treatment of wastewater from industries, management of non-municipal waste, and more.

The trade exhibition will provide a beneficial networking opportunity for companies representing various segments like solid waste management, industrial waste and wastewater management, wastewater treatment, landfill management, biomass generation, waste-to-energy generation, among others, to showcase their latest innovative products to the largest gathering of environment professionals in the country.

Waste-to-Energy in Lebanon: A futureChallenge!

Advantages of the Waste-to-Energy System and How It Helps Reduce Environmental Impact

In today’s world, effective waste management and reducing environmental impact have become crucial concerns. One innovative solution that has gained traction is the conversion of waste into energy. Waste-to-energy (WtE) systems offer a sustainable approach to waste management by utilising the energy potential of waste materials. By harnessing the power of waste, this technology contributes to renewable energy generation, waste diversion and reduction, greenhouse gas emission reduction, resource recovery, and economic benefits. During RAWMEC event, we can delve deeper into these benefits and understand how this waste-to-energy approach can help create a sustainable future.

Challenges and Future Developments

While the benefits of waste-to-energy systems are promising, some challenges need to be addressed for wider adoption. Public perception, education, and awareness play a significant role in overcoming scepticism or misconceptions surrounding waste-to-energy. Ensuring proper waste segregation at the source is crucial for maintaining the quality and efficiency of the waste-to-energy process. Technological advancements should also be pursued to further improve the efficiency and environmental performance of waste-to-energy systems. Continued research and innovation will help optimise the energy recovery process and minimise any potential environmental impacts associated with waste-to-energy.

Implementing waste-to-energy systems in Lebanon will not only address waste management challenges but also contribute to achieving the country’s environmental and energy goals. By embracing this innovative technology, Lebanon can pave the way for a cleaner and more sustainable future for generations to come.

For now, the national plan for a waste-to-energy system is far from being realized; but building a comprehensive analytics and planning system will be a cooperative tool for future government decisions.

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