The EastMed region is becoming an energy hub for Oil and Gas products. The discovery of huge Oil and Gas deposits with associated products is a major future economic boost.

We are inviting you to participate in our online workshop course related to the Oil and Gas sector/ Petroleum Engineering; The training course on Oil and Gas has been developed by renowned experts in the field from Arab International Academy. The collaboration brings together a very high level of sector certificate.

Topics are:
* Source of oil and gas
* Oil exploration and extraction
* Oil refinement
* Types of offshore oil platforms
* Types of marine drilling machines
* General information about OPEC
* The principles of safety followed in offshore platforms

Oil & Gas Courses help candidates with the technicality and management skills required to run the oil and gas Industries. These courses are designed to support and fast-track the skill development of engineering as well as the management field. These courses are relevant for engineers, directors, managers, supervisors, employee representatives.

The course is conducted through multiple animation videos by the trainer Engineer Nabil Beydoun; It will be given in the duration of 6 days (12 hours total) – the course will start on July 24 till July 29, 2023 – from 8:00 to 10:00 pm
To register or express interest, please contact Arab International Academy – Mobile or WhatsApp: +961 81 879459